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Your Goals, Only Better

I just crashed.

My marriage. My finances. My relationships. My friendships. It seems like a lot came crashing down on me at once and without any warning. The last 4 months have been a blur of activity and emotion that forced me to examine every aspect of my life and prioritize my attention to what mattered the most. It has forced me to look at each of my endeavors and think about how it brought value to my life and my future goals. It has brought about a spiritual awakening in me that I'll share more about some other time.

But before this all happened, I had a lot of goals focused on growing my Instagram account so that I could get enough brand deals every month to replace my full-time income. That meant I had to build an engaged community and increase my follower count on Instagram. It meant that I needed to work hard to generate engagement. I was spending hours every day interacting with you, listening to your stories, hyping you up and spreading all the positive vibes I had in me. As I evaluated this aspect of my life, I could see that my goal needed to be realigned. It wasn't the numbers and vanity metrics I was after. My goal has always been to make an impact and I lost sight of that. I wasn't showing up how I wanted to any more. I still love my community and I am so grateful for each of you and I have no plans of stopping, but I needed to align this goal differently in order to reach what I've set as my personal destination for success.

Sometimes you have to reinvent your goals so you can show up more authentically. Your goals can remain the same but maybe the roadmap to that goal may need to change. What areas of your life could use a little tweaking? Take some time today and over the next few days to think about what you're doing and how you're showing up. If it is not exactly what you want, think about your goals and how they align with what it is that you want. Maybe you'll find some space to shift your sights a little. Take a different strategy. Change your timeline. Be sure that you are caring for yourself first.

We can have the life of our dreams if we continue to focus on our goals, one by one. It should be a daily practice for you to sit down with your future self and plan what needs to happen to get there. Be mindful as you fill your days.

Check back in as I peel back the layers of my life and share the roadmap I'm on to take me to the life of my dreams.

Thanks for tuning in!

Stay inspired. Stay well.


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