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Marvelously Magical Mashed Potatoes for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is this week! This year has flown by so quickly. Time gets faster and faster the older you get. Our parents were right! (They were right about so many things)

But this post isn't about Thanksgiving or our wise parents so much as it is about my ALL-TIME FAVORITE FOOD:


Yall -- I love mashed potatoes. I like them with cheese. I like them with gravy. I like them with butter. I like them when they're a little chunky. I like them sometimes with a little bit of the peel. Mashed potatoes are very versatile.

I'm going to share with you how I make my magical mashed potatoes. These potatoes can be dressed up to fit into any menu. Your imagination and the spirit of your ancestors will guide you to the perfect side dish.


  • Potatoes (I use russet potatoes 1/2 lb per person)

  • Heavy Cream

  • Butter

  • Salt

For 10 lbs of potatoes, I use 16oz of heavy whipping cream and about 3 sticks of butter.

Start by peeling your potatoes or not. This is a personal preference and I'm not one to judge. I like both skin and skinless mashed potatoes depending on what i'm eating them with. I usually leave some skin on when I'm eating beef.

After you've skinned as much of your potatoes as you wish, cut them up into small cubes. Rinse them off. Add to a pot of water with salt.


The amount of time you boil is going to depend on how much potatoes you're cooking. I boil my potatoes until the point when a fork goes easily through a cube of potato.

Once your potatoes are nice and tender, drain the water and begin to mash. I use a potato masher for a little chunkiness. You can use a blender for more of a smooth whipped potato.

As you are mashing, add in the cream first. Add only enough cream to your desired consistency. Once you've got a good creamy potato, add in the butter a little at a time. For 10lbs of potatoes, I use about 3 sticks of butter. Listen to your heart and the spirit of your ancestors. They will guide you.

I add in JUST ENOUGH salt to get a good flavor of the cream and butter together. For a big family with older people who are watching their salt intake, I try not to add too much to be mindful of their health. There's always a salt shaker for those who need more and I am unoffended if you need to add more salt to the potatoes. I'd rather you be able to enjoy them than for them to be too salty for your palette.

Then if you're feeling a little wild, add in sour cream and chives, or shredded cheddar, or bacon bits. Get as creative as you want! These are your mashed potatoes now!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. I am so thankful that you're here and that we're able to connect. See you again soon.


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