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Louis Vuitton GIVEAWAY!!

YES! You read that right. I am giving away LOUIS VUITTON!!!

I am so grateful and so blessed to be able to do this and while the item isn't a Neverfull GM or a Speedy 30, it is still something near and dear to me and will help you reach your goals --- and that is my ultimate goal.

My fascination with Louis Vuitton came from an old photo of my grandmother. I wish I could find it to share with you but you'll have to imagine in your mind, because social media wasn't a think back in the 70s when the photo was taken and I don't know who got the photo after she passed.

My grams was a fabulous woman. She smelled like baby powder and Jesus. Her skin was flawless and she was always rocking the best fashion. The photo I remember was taken at the airport back when people got all dolled up to fly. She was wearing a fur. Her lips were mauve and her nails were manicured and she was carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag. I have always aspired to be as fabulous as my grams and one day, I'll drive a giant vintage Cadillac El Dorado just like she did - giant cat eye sunglasses and all.

Except growing up, I didn't get to experience those same luxuries. My mom was adopted by my grandma out of foster care after moving from foster home to foster home TOO many times in life. I never heard from my mom directly how much it affected her mental and emotional health but I knew it did. I grew up on welfare and in poverty. I always had basic necessities, but nothing extra at all. Now I know that those things are not important, however I had and still have a desire to see and experience the finer things in life. I want to share those things with my children and their children and all the children that follow.

I became determined to work towards my success on my own. I was the first of 8 siblings (I'm #6) to graduate from high school. I became the first to obtain a college degree and am the only one that has a bachelor's degree at this time. It was not easy. Many of my siblings have struggled with drug addiction and incarceration. While I've been pretty luck to overcome those tragedies, I still struggled through my own homelessness and depression. I had been a single mom for 4 years before meeting my husband. I obtained my associates degree months after giving birth to my youngest son and obtained my bachelors degree while nursing a new born, racing to football practices, and teaching my oldest how to tie his shoes. I turned 30, graduated with my bachelors degree and celebrated Mother's Day all within the same week in 2016. My husband gifted me my first Louis Vuitton bag that week combining each of those accomplishments into one AMAZING present. A Neverfull GM with the iconic monogram.

I've carried the bag almost every day since then. It is a reminder of my hard work. I get comments a lot from young girls and I love to share with them what I had to do to earn something like this. It's a basic bag. But there's something about seeing those LVs that sparks an emotion with people. For me it sparks drive and ambition. I've since added to my LV collection. I purchased a wallet from Tradesy and continue to monitor resale sites like Poshmark, The Real Real and others for sustainable designer finds. I LOVE the LV fragrances and now I use a Louis Vuitton journal that keeps the VERY BEST of my notes. Writing in this journal means more to me than writing in my $10 journal I picked up at Walgreens. I am more purposeful with what I keep in it and my handwriting is SO much better when I write in this one. I will be giving away a Louis Vuitton MM Notebook Refill to one lucky follower to write down their goals and dreams and plans for success. The notebook is meant to be kept in a cover and you can imagine how expensive those might be. The quality is still there though so you can certainly use it without the cover and maybe it can turn in to a goal of whomever wins to earn enough to snag one someday.

Here's how you win:

1. Follow @sarahonlybetter on Instagram

2. Like this Instagram Post

3. Comment on the post with how excited you would be to win and tag a friend.

You can earn extra entries by:

-Tagging extra friends in the comment section

-Sharing my post on your Instagram feed or IG Story and tagging @sarahonlybetter

-Subscribing to my email list.

The giveaway closes at 12:00pm Central on October 26, 2019. I will announce the winner on October 27 on this post and on IG story. The randomly picked winner will have 24 hours to get in touch via IG message otherwise I will randomly select a new winner.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Must be 18 years old to enter. By entering the contest, you confirm you are 18+ years old.⁣⁣⁣

I'm so excited to be launching my blog. Thank you. From right in the inner most part of my heart, thank you for your support. It means the world to me. Best of luck!


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