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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

You know I'm going to be Lady Liberty for my party, but we decided to go to another friend's party last minute bringing our costume count up to THREE. I am going as Beyonce to the other party so come back on Friday to see what I've put together.

But what do I do last minute? I head to the closest Walmart and I pick up a long black wig and a halloween makeup palette and stop by a local beauty store to find some creepy fashion contacts.

Can you guess what I am going as yet?

If you guessed Wednesday Addams, you're right!! Its incredible what a little makeup and a creative (or internet search savvy) mind can do.

I had the outfit in my closet already. Black shirt, white button up, skirt, tights, black wedges. EASY!

I went hard on the makeup. Very light and very dark. The contacts were a little tricky. Be careful with these fashion contacts. Some can be very damaging to your eyes. I trust the beauty shop I frequent to provide quality contacts that won't hurt my eyes or vision. You can always go without the contacts, but look how creepy these are!!

Check back tomorrow for the low down on the treats I've got planned for my Launch PARTY!!!!

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