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How to Plan for RISExToronto

This is a dream! I'm pinching myself. My dear husband got me tickets to RISExToronto to see Rachel Hollis, Dave Hollis, and the rest of the gang!!! What??!?!?

My husband is so cute. He can never wait for actual holidays/birthdays to share gifts with me so I opened these tickets a few days before Christmas and I've been planning ever since. I'm going to Canada, yall!!

I've been following Rachel Hollis for a little over a year now after reading Girl, Wash Your Face in Fall 2018. I did #Last90days with them and saw GREAT improvement in my health and overall outlook on life. Since then, things have just catapulted me into being my authentic self and living my purpose. I have always planned to go to a RISE conference but I've been prioritizing other things in my budget. This is the perfect gift. Husbands - if you're reading this, get her tickets to RISE.

I've never been to a personal-development conference before. I started reading more about other's experiences at RISE, reading blogs and watching YouTube recaps and I've gone through a lot of emotions: EXCITED, scared... curious? and then back to EXCITED!! So great! I'm going to RISE and I have an idea of what that will be like, but I've never travelled to Canada.

I've been doing some research and I'm going to share how I've been planning my trip.


You need your passport to fly to Canada. I never updated mine after I got married so I am renewing and updating my name. If you do not have a passport or need to renew, be sure you allow yourself 6-8 weeks to get your passport. You can expedite it to 2-3 weeks by paying an additional fee. If you live near an Agency or Center, you could possibly get your passport in 8 days. Visit the U.S. Passport site here to learn more about obtaining your passport.

Step 2: Flight + Hotel

Are you driving or flying? I am flying so I've been looking at different flights. I plan to go a day early to experience a little bit of Canada. I want to get there in the morning to allow time to check in to my hotel, grab some poutine at a local restaurant and visit all the Instagram-able locations I can before I have to leave. You can look on for Flight + Hotel packages. The conference is at Sheraton Centre in Toronto with a group rate if you are interested in staying on location. I get a Friends & Family discount at Radisson Hotels through my sister, so I'll be staying at a Radisson property and will Uber 8 minutes back and forth.

Step 3: Get in the Community!

I started following the #RisexToronto hashtag on Instagram to connect with others planning to go on Instagram. I also joined to official Rise Toronto group on Facebook. To join this group, you have to prove you have your tickets already by sharing the email associated with your purchase. While I am traveling with one of my mains, I still intend to meet and connect with so many other powerful women while I'm there.

Step 4: Plan your Lewks

I actually did this before I started looking at passport stuff but without your passport, you're just going to look cute at home so I lead with the passport tip. BUT WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR?! I've looked at so many other blogs about the conference and the consensus is to be comfortable. Save your heels for the club. Keep your wedges at home. You'll be standing, jumping, walking, and all kinds of things for 3 days. I'm picking up some new sneakers and some cute flats. I'll wear jeans and some nice tops. I'm traveling in my Start Today hat. I'll be adding extra outfits to wander around Toronto looking for great photo opps. They apparently have a PINK PARK and I cannot wait to see what it is all about.

Step 5: Notify Your Bank and Phone Company

Let your bank know you'll be in Toronto so they don't shut down your account when they see activity in a different place. If you transact in cash, be sure to convert your currency. If you use your cards, it should do that automatically and there's no need to do anything different except keep the exchange rate in mind while you're shopping! You'll also want to tell your phone company you are traveling so you don't get caught with roaming charges. Most companies have an international package you can add for the time you're traveling to help you save those expenses.

Step 6: Let the Countdown Begin!!!

I am so excited. It will be here before we know it. I'll be looking forward to seeing how things go in Ft. Myers. I'm excited to see how the new format plays out (3 days instead of 2). I can't wait to see who the speakers will be. I'm just READY. If you haven't already, make sure you get your tickets to the Dance Party! I hear it is a GREAT time. I'll be there.

Follow me on Instagram @SarahOnlyBetter and let me know if you'll be in Toronto! I'd love to connect!

Thanks for stopping by!


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