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Halloween Candy Hack

Do you remember the house on your street that gave out full-sized candy bars every year? There's always those few sweet souls. Once I got a home for myself, I knew I wanted to be THAT house. I wanted my neighbor kids to know that I care about their trick-or-treating experience. Legendary.

But did I really want to give out chocolate? Chocolate is good and all but what about the little homies with allergies? How would THEY remember me?

I was reading about the Teal Pumpkin Project and thinking what I can pass out that accommodate MOST if not all food allergies.

Here it is:


They're vegan-friendly. Gluten-Free. Peanut-Free. Dairy-Free. Soy-Free. Shellfish-Free AND SUPER AFFORDABLE!!

I get mine on Amazon like I do everything. They are $16.50 for 85 GIANT sticks! And the little neighbor gremlins LOVE THEM. There are a few groups of kids who always make their way back at the end of the night for seconds.

Now I also keep regular candy and non-food favors on hand for those children who are more traditional or really don't like to eat candy (there are some woke lil babies out there).

I'm so excited. I'm all ready for these lil goblins come Beggar's Night.

Happy Halloween, pals!

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