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Giving Gratitude

It's November now! Can you believe it?! This year is FLYING. It's so true. Our parents were right. Time does start moving very quickly the older you get.

If you're on social media like me, you've likely seen two separate groups start to emerge and advocate for their side. There are those who have their Christmas trees out and up and those who are shoving their cornucopias down other people's throats. Like many other polarized groups, I'm hanging out here in the middle, and here's why:

First of all, not everything is that serious. Ok? We can all still live side by side.

Then there's the fact that I'm a strong advocate for giving gratitude DAILY. It is always a day of thanksgiving in my life, and it should be in yours too.

Every morning I wake up and count all of my actual blessings.

  1. I'm so grateful my phone was charged enough to sound the alarm.

  2. Oh... and I'm grateful for that phone.

  3. I get to wake up every morning to WORK! To earn money so my family can experience all the great things in life.

  4. And my family... oh my sweet family.

  5. And my dogs. Can't forget about those lil rascals.

  • and so on and so on.

I look for gratitude in the smallest places. (6. There is water ready for me at the perfect temperature ready for me to hydrate myself.)

I've found that the more I look for things to be grateful for, the more I find things to be grateful for. Better things start happening for me. Or maybe I'm just more aware of them? I don't know. The important thing is that things are better when I express gratitude.

I want you to try it. Through the rest of the month, write down 5 things you are grateful for EVERY DAY and see how many different kinds of things you can find to be grateful for. List as many things as you can if you have the time.

I know that great things will continue to unfold for you if you work on being grateful for all the things going well in your life.

Be blessed, friend! Happy Thanksgivemonth


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