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Day 1

I'm starting a blog. Again. This time, I'm ready.

Hi. I'm Sarah. I'm a real hot mess, but at times I've found myself to be pretty badass. I have been through a lot of unfortunate events in my life, but through hard work and determination, I have been able to rise. During the darkest of my days, I kept thinking of WHY these awful things could have happened to me. What is the purpose? The purpose is now. The purpose was that I needed to experience those things, because I'm strong enough. Now, I'm able to share with others, that they too are strong enough. I didn't think I was then, but I sure as shit believe it now. You're going to learn how I survived life threatening situations. I'll tell you about the time I got kicked out of Bible College. I might tell you about the time I smashed a windshield. You'll definitely learn how I found myself to be alone and sad with no one or place to go to. You're also going to learn how I made my way back to school, graduated, and how I found myself working at the top of my field. My life is not perfect. I'm digging myself out of debt. My house needs 14 Roombas running at all times to remain clean. Sometimes I find it hard to focus. I am not proud of how jiggly my arms and belly are. I've still got plenty of work to do. I'm working every day to become a better version of who I was yesterday. Can you relate?

Everyday I want to be a better me - even if it is just a little bit. Everyday I want to explore who I am and remain true to who that is. I want to be Sarah - only better. Are you with me?

I'm taking you along for the ride, because I know you. You're like me. You want to be a better you too. I'm building a community of those who are striving for better. I want to connect with you.

Welcome to my blog. Be sure to subscribe. I've committed to consistent updates and relevant content so we can grow together. A rising tide lifts all boats, right?

RIGHT! SO - If no one has told you that you're the shit today, GIRL - YOU IS IT! Talk to you again soon.


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