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Boozhoo Sarah

Boozhoo (Hello)!! Happy Native American Heritage Month my friends!

A divine series of events sparked in 2020 has lead me on a transformational journey this year to reconnect to my Indigenous roots. Last year I shared this post during November and since then I have been working hard on getting enrolled in my tribe and embracing my culture.

Reconnecting to my culture has been a such a blessing. Despite all the challenges, I really have been able to enjoy a lot of the culture that colonization tried to destroy. I'm truly embracing all that being Native has to offer. I went to my first sweat lodge. I went through a naming ceremony where my uncle welcomed me to learn the traditional spiritual teachings of the original people of this land. I started learning the Ojibwe language. I connected with so many Natives on #NativeTikTok where I learned so much about other Native perspectives and experiences. And through it all, I've been actively pursuing enrollment and working through several systems of bureaucracy to be recognized in my community.

As I've gone through the year, I've felt a strong urge to advocate for Indigenous issues. The discovery of more than 7,300 children at residential boarding schools, the lack of awareness and coverage of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, and the tragedy of Line 3 have all stirred up this fire in me to do more and to represent my community in a better way. I am oftentimes the only Indigenous person many people know. If not me, who else, right?

SO - Now I'm rebranding!!! My social media accounts are updated to a new username BOOZHOO.SARAH and this blog will now be focused on raising awareness to Indigenous issues, sharing my experience as a reconnecting native, and lifting other Indigenous voices so that the world can see that we are still here and we still have a lot to offer.

Stop by my Instagram feed and tell me if you're as excited as I am for my new focus.

Until we meet again!


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