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2020 Travel, Only Better

What a week we just had, huh?

It seems like so long ago but last weekend Nick and I took our first vacation since March.* Our good friend just turned 40. Nick just celebrated his birthday earlier this month. Hotel and flights are affordable. Flying is actually pretty safe and we have limited contact with people at home as it is. So we decided to go.

We stayed at The Linq Hotel on the Las Vegas strip and had an incredible weekend getaway. I had heard so many great things about this hotel before booking our room and it lived up to all of the hype. The Linq Hotel is surrounded by many of the coolest attractions on the strip. The Linq Promenade is an adorable little corridor right off the strip and is home to the High Roller, the most giant ferris wheel I've ever seen. You can zipline in to that same giant ferris wheel. There is an Ice Bar, a giant candy store, an amazing breakfast restaurant. And so much more!

I told my friends at The Linq that I was coming and they hooked me up with a complimentary upgrade and a sweet food and drink credit to try out any of the many restaurants and bars on their property so that I can share my experience with you!

The Linq and Las Vegas understand safety during this pandemic and they delivered it. Traveling in 2020 is still scary. You have to be very careful while out in public. Thankfully masks are mandated everywhere in Vegas. The Linq and most other establishments have security and staff enforcing safe mask wear (proper masks covering mouth and nose) with hand sanitizer stations within an eyeshot of most heavy trafficked areas. The Linq has gone as far as staffing elevator banks ensuring social distancing policies are followed. I write this a week after my trip and while I am still quarantined, I feel great and have no symptoms. I wore my mask. I washed my hands frequently. It was a great time.

Hash House Biscuits & Gravy

After checking out our spacious King Suite, we had breakfast with some friends at Hash House A Go Go and oh. my. goodness. We ate like queens and kings. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I love everything about breakfast. Hash House did not disappoint. I had the Biscuits and Gravy and Nick had Andy's Sage Fried Chicken Benedict served to us in the shape of mountains on our plates. Each ingredient on these plates had its own incredible flavor, you guys. I savored every single bite.

They have an excellent menu with something for everyone and the drinks were top of the line delicious.

Eat at this restaurant.

Drinking yummy drinks out of ice cups at Ice Bar Las Vegas.
Cheers to new friends!

After we ate too much at Hash House, we took a stroll down The Linq Promenade and stopped in to The Ice Bar for a couple drinks and a fun icy experience. They gave us giant parkas to wear inside this unique one-of-a-kind ice sculpture where everything was made of ice. We enjoyed yummy drinks and good music, met some new friends, and had some good laughs.

For $50 each, we got freshly dry cleaned parkas (you can upgrade to fur parkas if you're feeling fancy), 2 drinks each, and access to an entire ice cave of fun. The cups are made of ice and filled to the top with a variety of cocktails to choose from. The bartender was fun and engaging. The atmosphere was light. I did not even notice it was freezing cold! I definitely recommend a stop at this fun bar. It's a pleasant little stop in the middle of the hot Nevada desert.

Overall, I am happy we took our trip. I was pleased to see so many wearing their masks without protest and that traveling safe is possible this year. If you are thinking of venturing back into travel, try a quick weekend trip to Las Vegas. Stay at The Linq. Enjoy your time and be safe.

Thanks for tuning in!

Stay well!


*What a blessing that was to be able to write that sentence. Traveling has not always been in my budget

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